Practicing a monotonous work culture will discourage your team members and result to high attrition rates that will directly hamper productivity and project goals. If you want to be a successful leader, you need first set up your team members to succeed. And, the best way to do so, is to motivate them.

10 Foolproof Tips

The word “motive” itself means moving into action, which impacts mental and physical human reactions. Motivating employees at workplace is important to ensure tasks are performed efficiently and effectively. However, motivation does not have to be only monetary.

This blog will share 10 foolproof tips to motivate your team instantly to peak performance.

1- Admire skills

You may have different experts working for you on your multiple projects, and if you know they are doing well, why not appreciate them! Employees who are dedicated and passionate will always perform good, however admiring their talent in presence of other team members will encourage not only encourage them to keep up the good work, but also inspire other members to be a part of admiration at workplace.

2- Reward

Honoring good work of your team members personally, will no doubt motivate them to perform daily tasks even more better. However, acknowledging them with rewards will automatically encourage other members of the team to increase efficiency and perform tasks, in order to qualify for the rewards. Rewards can be in the form of monetary, movie tickets, food coupons, and day-off too.

3- Promote

You will have employees who are remarkable at work. Apart, from appreciating them for their good work, a promotion will help you encourage them as well as other employees to increase productivity for gaining attention. A post of a mentor or a team lead can be effective way of promotions that can be followed at workplaces.

4- Encourage valuable inputs

‘The boss is always right’ maybe a popular corporate mantra, but what if the going gets difficult at workplace. To overcome those tricky situations, motivating team members to come up with their valuable inputs and ideas will allow you complete tasks in time. Having a real-time team communication system and coordinating with team members on frequent basis, you automatically motivate them to come up with instant solutions whenever required.

5- Maintain a disciplined work environment

Whether you work remotely or with a team within four walls, maintaining a discipline work environment is crucial to motivate new members and make them feel that they are important. Whether coordinating with team members face-to-face or over the chat, following corporate communication standards will always keep employees motivated and increase efficiency at work.

6- Try and hire the right mix of personalities

Your employees come from different backgrounds, that not an issue! However, you need ensure that the ones you recruit have corporate ethics that includes the way of working and communication. If you have the right mix of personalities, will make them feel free to co-ordinate with any members of the team for quick solutions, when working on the same tasks.

7- Have a small celebration during special occasion

If you think that offering good salary can the best motivation to employees, then it’s not the case in today’s modern workplaces. Following the same work culture everyday, reduces employee’s efficiency on a daily basis. Organizing events on special occasions will create a positive work environment, allowing your employees to have some fun while they work. Coming up with such tradition for your organization, either by celebrating an employee’s birthday, off-site holidays or even special day-outs will make your employees feel encouraged and motivated whenever they are at work.

8- Allow flexibility in job hours

Apart from being at office, everyone has a family back home. Considering this, sometimes allowing your employees a flexibility in job hours will make them feel that you understand they have a personal life too. Developing a strong positive relation with employees will bring out great results and encourage them to stick to your organization for long.

9- Keep rules same for all

Your employees will have different nature, hence it can lead to an over-commanding situations within team members. This will not only reduce the moral of weak employees, but also decrease overall productivity at the workplace. Keep rule simple, clear, and fair – then firmly enforce the same to all so that no one violates them.

10- Have a track on them

Last, but the most important, is to constantly keep a track on each of your employees. By doing this, you can identify new ways and encourage your employees to keep growing. Adopting a real-time collaboration system will help you get an access to each and every employee and their tasks, allowing you to make use of every single opportunity that can help you motivate your them and increase revenue for your organization.

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