If you say that being in an organization is to work, then you are right. But, if you engage yourself more in other activities while working, it can lead to undesired consequences that will affect you as well as others working under the same roof.

Whatever may be the activity, if it is affecting your work, you need to avoid it.

Below are 10 most common work habits that kills productivity and leads to an undesired consequence for both, the employee and colleagues around.

10 Habits

1- Frequent use of social media sites

We all know, how social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, have become a part of our daily activities. So much, that many of us check it periodically at set times. Frequently using social media sites at workplace will divert your mind to non-work related topic that automatically affects the focus level, hampering your performance at work.

2- Backbiting

Working in an organization, you’ll come across colleagues who keep gossiping about others, even if its none of their business. Try and avoid being a part of such situations, because if you listen to their gossip over lunch, same thing will keep on running in your mind throughout the remaining work hours. This way it directly hampers you in performing your daily job responsibilities, reducing your productivity at work.

3- Laziness

Constantly working during your job hours is a bad idea for both, your health and performance. However, being lazy in performing your daily tasks is even worst. You may think, it is possible to complete your daily job tasks, in the late hours. That can be true, but keeping your work pending for the last hours, makes no sense. Working during the end hours, means you’ll be mentally tired (even if you have done nothing) and will directly affect your efficiency level hampering your performance at work.

4- Frequent Breaks

It’s always a good idea to take breaks while working in a regular shift(8 hours). Because, constantly staring into the PC, or continuously interacting with clients over the phone will directly affect your health and performance. Now, that doesn’t mean you keep on taking breaks, because by doing this you will lose your focus from what your need to perform and spend more time thinking or discussing about the incident that occurred while you were on the break.  This hampers both, yours as well as your colleagues productivity.

5- Obsessed to phone

The advent of reasonable smartphones, has kept people busy within themselves. From chatting over Whatsapp to browsing Facebook, playing a game to surfing the net, today many of us are obsessed to using phones for maximum hours of the day. If you are obsessed to your smartphone, even while at work, then you need to avoid it. With so many contacts in your phone, you may experience different mood swings, which directly affects the your focus while performing your daily job tasks.

6- Day dreaming

Doing something different than what you actually need to do at work, is a bad practice. Daydreaming is a similar activity. When you are at work, there are times when you just stare at the screen while you have some other thoughts running in your mind. This keeps you off track and you end wasting more time, thinking of unproductive things.

7- Lack of Confidence 

Lack of confidence is a vicious cycle that’s easy to fall into. If you frequently lack in confidence at work, it can be a second nature that will constantly make you feel that you are not capable to meet the daily tasks presented to you. Therefore, you need to overcome this challenge, if you want to increase productivity while at work.

8- Solitude nature  

If you are happy staying in your own world (alone) – depends on your choice and circumstances, however following the same approach at workplace is a big “NO.” Working in an organization requires teamwork in order to achieve targets, hence you need to overcome this syndrome that will help you coordinate freely and perform better.

9- Being a Jack of all trades

This is a famous saying, but a bad practice followed by employees in most of the organizations. Such employees act to be a perfectionist and end up taking more daily tasks than others. This is done either to reflect a seniority status or, simply because they want to prove themselves smarter than others, in the organization. Whatever maybe the reason, by doing this you’ll will spend more time than required on every tasks just because you want to ensure that your are always perfect. However, in most case results are exactly the opposite.


10- Manually performing repetitive , daily tasks

Working in an organization, certain tasks are performed on a regular basis. For instance, sharing files and documents to others members of the team is one of those tasks, however manually performing those tasks repeatedly, will consume more time and can also lead to mis-communications. Automating such major repetitive tasks will save time, as well as improve your efficiency at work. Adopting a cloud-based collaboration software solution will enable you to process repetitive tasks at the tip of your finger, from anywhere, anytime.

In Closing

You cannot be productive overnight, however taking necessary steps on the above mentioned tasks and adapting technology innovations will help you win the game. This means you’ll be able to focus only at the right things  and perform better at work.

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