Meetings can drain the liveliness and excitement of participants, if not organized well. Also, it will be a waste of time and effort, which are two crucial aspects for any workplace’s bottom line.

In today’s modern work environment, is not all about what you do, instead how you do, that’s important. Being able to organize a meeting that gets things done, is what you should focus on!

In this blog, we will provide 5 ways that will help you facilitate a meeting to make it productive and interesting, both.


- Plan ahead

Announcing a meeting without having an agenda will create a chaos, which in turn can prove to be an unsuccessful one. Planning well before you call the meeting, is the foremost step you need to consider for making it successful. Your agenda should include every topic that needs to be covered, as well as the amount of time you’ll take for each. Having a plan, participants can address each topic within the allocated time and move on when the time for each topic has exhausted. You can always jump to the incomplete discussions after all else has been covered.

- Involve the right participants only

As per a famous saying, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”-  which means involving too many people participate in the meeting, can spoil everything. Therefore, it is always wise to involve on those essential ones that you’ll need to accomplish the agenda. Analyze your goal, figure out who the decision-makers are, and involve only them for the meeting. Before finalizing and inviting participants, re-confirm with the top level managers, whether you have chosen the correct ones or is there a need to replace any? This will ensure that all participants are active and contribute, effectively.

- Start and end in time

Organizing meetings and making participants wait or even drag it for long hours, can create negative thoughts in their minds.  This will always keep them less focused whenever you’ll organize a meeting. Meeting should be 100% productive, hence to overcome such challenges you need design a schedule. Announcing the start and end time will keep every participants focused, as they know the meeting is going on as planned.

- Ensure minutes of the meeting are being noted

Your meetings will have an agenda, and recording every point that is being discussed, is crucial – which are known as “minutes.” This is done to make it easy for each participants, of what needs to be done to accomplish the goal as discussed. Therefore, keep a special person to record minutes of the meeting to ensure your participant don’t miss out on those important tasks to fulfill the agenda in time.

- Share materials to participants
Another reason for recording minutes, will help you circulate it with participants at the end of the meeting. Before you wrap up, distribute those important materials and files to each participant, to ensure they are on the right track and perform their tasks effectively. A collaboration tool will help you easily connect with all participants, share minutes, as well as instantly communicate, internally. Such tools will also give you a real-time access to any of your participant’s task performance status, allowing you to take effective measures whenever needed the most.

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