How Flexible Working Hours Can Make Your Employees Happier?

August 13, 2015

With the advent of technology, the normal 9-5 workday has been shifted to a 24*7 workday. Many organization leaders now expect their employees to be on their toes anytime during the day, which means it make it difficult to cope…

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How To Ensure A Politics-Free Office Environment?

August 4, 2015

In today’s competitive work environment, there is a constant struggle among employees to compete for the most powerful position or leadership role. Although to achieve power is the need for most corporate endeavors, however, doing it with right ethics and…

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Leading Companies That Follow A Strong Work-From-Home Policy

July 20, 2015

Several companies collect their employee’s data throughout the year in order to understand what it would take to make them stay with company, for continual growth. Guess what, a flexibility to balance work-and-life holds the second position on the list,…

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Steps To Maintain Gender Diversity In Your Organization

June 30, 2015

What does gender diversity in an organization mean? The term "Gender Diversity" in an organization means, equality and acceptance of both men and women. Also known as "Gender Equality," infusing this culture in your workplace will surely add value to…

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Why Dropping Emails Is The Best Thing You Can Do To Increase Productivity?

June 22, 2015

Before the advent of cloud-based technology, email was the most common method for communication within an organization. However, today, many business owners are taking an advantage of technology to increase productivity and revenue for their organization. Lately, collaboration tools are…

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Top Problem Solving Methods Every Organization Should Adopt

June 16, 2015

To ensure a smooth flow and constantly achieve targets within an organization, is the key for continual growth. And, an ability to gain solutions on-the-fly is even more important for continual improvement results. Identifying problems can be easy, but coming…

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