One of the many advantages of start-ups, is they can run a business from home hiring team members across the globe. But with so many advantages there are disadvantages too.

Start-ups need to have a proper management system in place – collaborating projects and team members, assigning and distributing assets to each member, and creating a team environment, all at once quickly. You may have the best of the best clients to work with, but with no proper collaboration in place, you may end up losing the project and bring an end to your business.

If you are one of them and struggling you to make ends meet, then this article will provide you with some value insights that will not only help you collaborate better but also grow your start-up business into a successful one.

Here we present you with the those effective tips that will help you effectively manage your projects as well as work with remote teams efficiently.

-  Know each other

You may have a team of two or even two hundred skilled members working on a project for you and having a dead air in your work environment will automatically reduce productivity and lead to delay in project completion.

The foremost thing you need to do when you working with remote teams, is to ensure that they are known to each other, not personally then at least professionally. For a small team (10-20 members ) encourage one-on-one sessions, however for a large team (more than 20 members) send emails highlighting each and every member’s job role. Bt doing this you’ll help them create a great bonding with each other which in turn will help you build a stronger work environment.

-  Have a common space for communicating

As a start-up, you’ll ensure to hire the most cost-effective but at same time valuable resources (employees) from across the globe to work for your projects. You may do this to save costs, but with no common communication space things can go haywire.

Projects involve a lot of files and document sharing, and with no communication tool in place leads to delay in projects. Make sure you adopt a real-time communication tool, that will help you invite and communicate will all team members from one centralized system. This will make it easier and quicker for you and the members of your team to share files as well as interact with each other on-the-go.

-  Conduct regular meets

Simply assigning task to members of the team with no follow ups until the deadline date, is real bad idea for any start-up owner. It becomes very important for you as a business owner to sync up meetings regularly, especially when working with remote teams. Productivity is something that remote teams sometimes struggle with, therefore tracking employees performance and organizing frequent meeting (maybe in groups) is a must to actively work towards optimal efficiency and acts as a consistent booster amongst team members.

-  Encourage regular discussions

This can one of the best way to encourage every team member (especially new members) to open up and gain deeper insights about each others tasks and responsibilities towards the project. Personal interaction is limited in a remote team, which leads to slow team bonding and familiarity. However, encouraging regular discussions with team members will help boost productivity.

- Adopt a collaboration system

And, to meet the above all – adopting a collaborating system will be an ideal choice for you as a start-up.

Workhive an easiest project management tool will help you collaborate better, assign tasks as track progress in the cloud. This means with no IT knowledge, you can easily sign-up and manage multiple projects and members (locally or across the globe) in one centralized system from the place you are. Know who is doing what, and how your progress is progressing. This will automatically increase productivity in your team. And, this is what I would call a great working culture!


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