Running an office of your own, means you have to be on your toes all the time to manage projects, employees, and at the same time you need to keep your clients in loop and ensure deadlines are met. However, the number of touchpoints makes it difficult and expensive to co-ordinate with, when done in a traditional way. Thanks to advent of cloud-based solution!

Today, there are a number of collaboration tools that allow business owners not only to support multiple projects, employees, as well as clients from one touch point, but also help them reduce operational costs involved in performing those activities.Although collaboration is at the heart of modern business activities, most companies are still in the dark about how to manage it cost-effectively.

How to collaboration tools

Confusion is the most common root that increases the operational costs. This is because dealing with different touch points, causes team members with either delay in receiving information or they focus on wrong work activity. Hence, it results to loss of work, which automatically translates into more cost.

Below, we will discuss on how collaboration tools can reduce operational costs considering four major activities that are common in most of the organizations.

Working remotely

Today, with the advent of cloud-based project management solution many organizations find it easy to work with experts from across the world, however dealing with them in a traditional way increases the complexity and makes it difficult to manage them individually. However, implementing a collaboration tool you’ll eliminate the hassle of reaching out to each of your employees one-by-one. Having an ability to collaborate all your employees in real-time, you automatically eliminate the risks of not been able to offer project-related information in time that unnecessarily increases operational costs for your business.

Document sharing

Files and documents are integral part for any business organization. And, allocating files to members of the organization via email or hard copy can lead to errors and even they may end up not receiving them in time. Such scenarios causes delay in performing the required activity which in turn increase the cost, abruptly. However, adopting a collaboration tool, sharing of important files and documents can be performed on-the-go. With all you team members in real-time, document sharing is so much easier and eliminates those paper and printing cost applied when done in a traditional way.


There may be times when one of your team member is stuck up and requires assistance to perform an activity. This is when he would either call or email you as the project manager, or any of the other team member working on the same project. However, late response or even no response hampers the member to proceed further. Delay in project is the main root for increase in operational costs, hence infusing a collaboration tool will keep you away from those ugly scenarios and at the same time save telephone costs too. Easily coordinate with any members of the team in real-time and get solutions on-the-go, ensuring project is completed in time.

Resources management

Communication gap leads to delay in projects that automatically hits the operational cost of the organization. Using a project management collaboration tool it becomes easy to identify risks the very same moment by which you can re-allocate resources to where they are needed the most. By doing this you eliminate the risk of delay and keep the project going on.

In Closing

Whether you have few employees working for you or many from across the globe, collaboration tool is a must to create a smooth collaborative organization in today’s modern world.

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