Discussing about the differences between men and women has always been the hottest topic, which still continues till date. However, we cannot ignore the fact that there are gender differences in communication styles, not because they are genetically different, but depends on the way they are brought up.

Communication Style

You may have noticed, there are women who have some characteristic that match a male style and the same for men. Such cases, mainly depends on the circumstances they live in. For instance, if a man is raised in a family having more of female members, chances are more that he will be influenced with the culture of females. Similarly, if a women is staying in a family having maximum male members, she may adapt some male characteristics.

Gone are the days when men were always preferred for the top notch position at workplaces, and its not surprising to see a woman leading a team, in modern workplaces.

This blog will highlight the difference between men and women communication traits that they use while performing crucial business tasks, which every organization owner should know. This is done, not in an effort to change the style of communication, but to adapt to the differences.

- Managing team

The performance of a team depends on how well they are managed. And, speaking about managing a team, men and women often differ. Women are soft-spoken with their demands and statements, whereas men tend to more decisive. However, both characteristics can result to a good team management. Most of the women leaders, come up with open-ended question statements and orders that can include phrase like “What is your opinion?” which automatically opens a room for suggestions. But, that doesn’t mean they lack confidence. On the other side, most of the men leaders put up close-ended question, that results to a quick and precise conversations. No good, no bad! Both have their own advantages and are more influenced ways of communicating.

- Discussing issues and bring solutions

Working on a project, involves a lot of minor issues that need to be solved at the earliest, in order to complete the project in time. Women leadership involve a lot of questions in their discussions, allowing them to collect information, analyze well and come up with solution, quickly. Men discussions are carried out only for one purpose, to gain direct solutions for the issue.

- Overcome challenges

A modern workplace, can have experts from across the globe to work on the same goal.  Considering men and women communication styles, these differences can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding when working remote employees. Such scenarios can directly affect the productivity and even hamper other member’s chance for upward mobility.

In Closing

If a leader has a direct style doesn’t mean they harsh. Similarly, if a leader has a tentative approach doesn’t mean they are weak. We communicate the way we are taught. This means giving both men and women a chance, will bring in it’s own advantages as well as get you an idea of what lies behind their communication styles.

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