Accelerate your company’s growth with our easy and intuitive team communication and collaboration software.

Workhive for Corporates

Workhive combines all the important aspects that are required to streamline team communication and collaboration in a large enterprise. Workhive makes it easy to collaborate across multiple departments, teams, and geographies. Workhive’s team communication software allows you to share and store important discussions across multiple teams in your organization.

Centralized team communication

Workhive allows you to break organizational silos by bringing all the teams together to manage work effectively and swiftly.

Easy client communication

Using Workhive, people outside your organization, can access and track performance and share their comments in real-time, ensuring there are no delays.

Platform to share insights and ideas

Workhive acts as single repository that allows you to connect with team members to share ideas, feedback, or resources to get their work done.

Share files in real-time

With Workhive, share files directly or privately to get early updates. All your files are centrally stored within our cloud-based virtual workspace.

Interdepartmental communication

Workhive will help you to streamline processes and communication across departments operating in different time zones and locations.

Track progress from anywhere

With Workhive, you can collaborate and have access to updates from wherever they are, with our mobile native apps.