Online communities is becoming one of the latest topics among social networkers in this new year 2015. Whether you run a profession within four walls, over the web, or both; building online communities will allow your people to connect with experts from the same field and be updated with constantly-moving trends.

Create Online Communities

Workhive, an easiest collaboration app makes it easy to connect with like-minded people. You can create and manage multiple online communities allowing people to co-ordinate with the correct person and gain feedback or solution on-the-fly, especially when working on important tasks.

What Workhive can do for online communities?

An ability to connect with the right skills

Easily create skill-set communities to ensure people can directly communicate with correct experts. This will allow them gain valuable knowledge to increase productivity at workplace.

For instance: If you have a designing firm, create a community in Workhive with the designers and encourage frequent discussions to be in touch with the latest trend. This will automatically enhance their knowledge and efficiency at work.

Easily invite people to join discussions

Invite people from your network or share your public page link to reach target audience via social media sites and encourage them to join discussions for future prospects.

Get new ideas and instant solution in real-time

Creating an online community in Workhive, you’ll not only allow people to connect with right audience but also open the doors for effective ideas and quick solutions. Having an ability to discuss with experts from the same field, you’ll never be wrong.

Create a public page for promoting your community

Social networking sites, a common daily activity has further helped organizations move online communities into a mainstream business topic this year. Workhive will allow you create a public page for promoting your community and raise awareness about the power and reach of community-based communication and collaboration.

Keep your public page top in Google rankings

7.5.2015 - Inner Image

Create a public page, you can also increase its visibility over the web by adding some powerful keywords to it’s title, tagline, and description. And, constantly switching over different keywords, you can increase your public page visibility in Google rankings.

In Closing

Creating online communities, is still a young concept for many professionals. But, if you ignore or wait for reviews, you’ll may end up losing a great potential. Therefore, act upon it now and empower people to learn, participate and grow, as your organization does.

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