Adopt Workhive for your educational institution to stimulate collaborative learning environment and control.

Workhive for Education

Using emails, distributing leaflets, holding telephonic conversations to share important information can result in wastage of time and resources. In today’s age, it’s important to bring together parents, teachers, educators, mentors, and students to create a collaborative environment, effective knowledge-sharing, and control. Workhive provides a learning environment for students who can share ideas for assignments, send files, hold discussions, and lot more.

Create a subdomain for your school

Workhive allows you to create a subdomain for your institution which helps you to bring awareness and adds a personalized touch to your account.

Create Private Classrooms using Hives

Create private and open classrooms through Hives. Keeping information private and confidential is easy with Workhive.

Invite all parents and create user directory

Workhive allows you to invite faculty members, students, and parents to virtually communicate in real-time.

Manage profile of parents

Manage database of parents and students to keep important information safe over Workhive’s secure Cloud.

Chat privately with parents

Engage with parents in real-time through direct messages to keep conversations private and confidential.

Share important announcements

Creating a post in Workhive will allow you to share long messages, articles, or announcements in a jiffy. Get rid of all the paperwork.

Create research groups

Engage students and facilitate learning processes by creating research groups through which students can contribute and work together.

Easy to create Alumni groups

Create alumni groups in Workhive to manage students profile, share reunion messages, post job opportunities, and lot more.

Organize events better

Easily to organize events at a large scale by allowing you to share ideas, invite people to discuss event’s agenda, share files, and do lot in real-time.