Just to ensure that we all are in the same page, Instant Messaging, or IM’s as it’s commonly referred to – is a real-time text-based communication tool that allow two or more people to interact over a digital network.

With the advent of the Internet, communication has become so easy that most of our interaction has been performed over the screens of our computer or even through our smartphones. And, one of the many additions to this was IM.

With Instant Messaging tools are not widely used as emails for office communications, the concept can create a significant usership. In this blog, we will discuss on “Instant Messaging” impact on office communication

Effect of Instant Messaging

- Easy communication  

Don’t send that email, Pick up the Phone! IM allow office employees one of the most easiest and fastest-growing form of communication over the web. Since you’re already paying for the Internet usage, IM allow employees to send an instant message or video-chat with other members of the team.

- Quick problem-solver  

Unlike email communication, instant messaging provides real-time communication between users. This means, if a user appears online in your contact list – it means they are available who can be quick assistance when stuck up while performing a tasks. A system that helps employees get an answer to a query much quicker than via email, which could be left unnoticed for sometime can be extremely helpful for office communication.

- Archiving  

If you are still stuck with email communication in your organization, just because it provides an easily searchable record for any conversations, then you need change your mind. Today, many instant messaging programs also provide record keeping capabilities. All you need, is to activate the recording feature which will then help you archive information whenever needed, on-the-fly.

- Group discussion  

Discussion is the key to ensure that the project is running smoothly. And, IM offer the most simplest way to interact with multiple members online at the same time. You can invite members of the team at one place – creating a chat room, or you can also chat with all of them opening several IM windows.

- Cost-effective and time-saving

Instant messaging allow real-time communication with one or even multiple users in any part of the globe. This way you eliminate the cost of travelling to other office locations or paying for the long-distance charges associated with using the phone. Also, this technology allow users to make corrections in documentations instantly, saving printing and distribution costs.

In Closing

For any organization, instant messaging will not only prove to be the most effective way for communicating with employees, but also reduce interferences and improve communication like never before.

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