One of the most challenging and exciting tasks for a team manager with a large team, is to maintain harmony.

When you run a project having multiple team members who have gathered to achieve a common goal, many interpersonal dynamics identifies whether or not the will be successful. There are times when you’ll see some team members coordinate well and succeed in whatever they attempt, however other teams – regardless of available resources, experience failure.

So, how can a person managing a large team ensure an effective harmony and performance? It can be done by implementing the following factors that collectively contribute to the team’s success.

1 – Offer clear insights to all members   

As a leader, the foremost thing that has to done, is to discuss the vision of the project that has to be performed. This needs to be done in common so that everyone can get chance interact with each other and provide greater suggestions to changes and unexpected scenarios that can show up while the project is going on.

2 – Discuss the goal in common

A large teams gathered for a large project will have sub tasks allotted to multiple groups of members which makes it easy to accomplish the project within deadlines. But, there is no point co-ordinating a large team if the main objective is not clear. Therefore, set a goal that is common for all which will automatically keep everyone in loop at every stage of the project in order to reach and accomplish the common goal in harmony.

3 – Know your team members

When you gather multiple people for a large project, none of them can be identical in terms of behavior, education, skills, abilities, cultural background, and income levels, etc. Therefore, it becomes very crucial for you to know each and and every member whom you are planning to involve in your project by their way of thinking and acting. By doing this, it becomes easy to assign tasks in a direct and positive way.

4 – Assign team tasks

One you know your team members, it’s becomes easy allocate tasks and subtasks creating groups of members that better fits their flairs and skills. By doing this you can create strong and well coordinated team.

5 – Communication

Simply knowing you team members and assigning job roles will not maintain harmony till the end. Instead, communicating and allowing members of your large team to communicate with others internally will help you build a good rapport.

6 – Implement a correct system

Last but not the least, finding a correct project management system will automatically make co-ordinations easy. Such systems allow users an interface to make communication more exciting and accurate. They let you define the tasks that has to be performed, allocate members to the tasks, as well as maintain a deadline for each tasks and subtasks. Also, offering a real-time communication tool, such systems will reduce unproductive and unnecessary meetings.

Workhive is a great example of  a project management system. This maybe not known to many but you should implement a correct system to escape from complexities and encourage harmony, and thanks to Workhive – you’ll be able to do it.

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