Sharing of files and documents becomes an integral part when working on projects. This means you as a project manager need to ensure that your project management app allows you to do so seamlessly and most important to keep them safe.

Google Drive does not only make it easy to share files, but also offers an ability to edit them in real-time and stores data securely. Drive supports multiple major file formats, ensuring that your file format could be easily opened directly into the browser without having the need to install the related application program separately.

Google Drive Integration

Online document management in Workhive is now easy and secured, thanks to Google Drive Integration!

How do I add my Google Drive account with Workhive?

Google Drive is well integrated in Workhive, hence it eliminates the need of installing the app into Workhive.

Once you log into your Workhive account, hover to extreme right and click on your account name that will display a drop down. Click on “integration” as highlighted in the image below:


You will then be directed to Workhive’s integration page that will allow you to “add” your Google Drive account, or you can “automatically import Google Docs links as Files.”

automatically import Google Docs links as Files

By clicking on any of those, you’ll be directed to the next page from where you can authenticate your Google Drive account with Workhive. After clicking on “Authenticate your Google Drive account” it will request for permission that you have an option to either “Cancel” or “Accept” as highlighted in the image below.


By clicking “Accept,” you allow this app and Google to use your information in accordance with their respective terms of service and privacy policies. You can change this and other Account Permissions at any time. This will then provide you a confirmation for the acceptance as shown in the image below:

Account Permissions

How do I use Googles Drive’s integration in Workhive?

With no much hassle, simply share files, images, documents, etc. from your Google Drive account in Workhive by following the below steps:

Step 1 –  For the file that you need to share in Workhive, simply fetch the link and paste the link to Workhive’s message space by using “@” to notify/mention your team member or client.


By clicking on send, the end-user will receive the file which then needs a “Request Access” permission that you need to grant them.


Step 2 – Once the end-user sends you a request access, you need to grant permission. Once you permit the end-user, they can easily share and download the file in one-click.

Please note:  Workhive does not allow you to change viewing/editing permissions for your Google Drive files so you will still need to manage your own sharing permissions inside of Google Drive.

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