With the advent of technology, the normal 9-5 workday has been shifted to a 24*7 workday.

Many organization leaders now expect their employees to be on their toes anytime during the day, which means it make it difficult to cope up with their personal responsibilities. And, in the end hampers productivity, which is the key to success for any organizations. To react to this work-life dilemma, many organizations are now investing in flexible working hours programs.


Flexible working hours the hottest trend for modern workplaces

To cope with family and other personal responsibilities, often keeps employees busy off work hours. And, in many cases employees are so busy that they even perform their personal work during regular working hours.

Introducing flexible working hours programs, organizations are now allowing their employees an ability to work in pattern that is favorable to their personal lifestyle as temperament to get the most productivity from them.

A flexible work hours pattern cannot be offered for all job roles, but where it is, allow it.

Now, if you are unsure, if your organization could benefit from offering more flexibility- below are its major advantages that you should be aware of:

- Increase productivity

Allowing your employees a freedom to work as per their convenience (some prefer working during the days, while others during the nights) will automatically help them completely focus on their job responsibilities during their working hours, as they are rest assured to have enough of time to perform their personal responsibilities.

- Decreased absence

A freedom of flexible working hours in an organization, employees will not have to skip their daily job activities as they will have sufficient time to perform their tasks off job hours. Therefore, offering flexible working hours to employees will decrease the chances of absence records for your organization.

- Better employee retention rate

Encouraging your employees with an ability to consider their personal responsibilities on a priority by allowing flexibility, will automatically make them stick with your company for long who would always perform with a great potential.

- Work with the best talent

Modern employees with the help of technology try and enhance their skills day-by-day, however at the same time they look for companies that allows them enough time to do so. Therefore, allowing a flexible work culture you’ll encourage the best of the best talent to join your company.

So, what kind of working hours options you can adopt for your organization?

- Flexitime

In this program, you’ll allow your employees and ability to complete their daily job hours (standard 9-5) with different start and end times as per their convenience.

- Flexi weekly hours

This program will enable employees to complete their weekly hours in a pattern they are comfortable with. For instance, your employees are asked to log in 40 hours each week (5 day week with 8 hours daily login) which can also be performed in fewer days (10 hours each day) to avail an extra day off.

- Flexplace

This program will allow employees to work from the place they are. And, adopting a collaboration system will make it easy to access, communicate and manage your remote employees from one centralized place.

- Part-time work hours

This program will help employees who need to scale back hours to manage family situations or personal needs by allowing them to work less than 40 hours per week.

In Closing

Having flexibility with job hours, is a dream for many employees working in an organization. Google, Nike, Thomson Reuters are among those many companies that has a strong work-life balance in place. Therefore, if you are looking for a happier environment, you need to come up with flexible job options at your workplace.

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