In today’s modern work environment to communicate effectively has been a major challenge, especially when employees use a language among themselves that are different from majority of workers, at the workplace. And, without an ability to communicate and understand each other, there would be delays in project completion.

Multi Lingual

This blog will highlight best practices to help communicate effectively in your multi-lingual workplace.

Allot tasks, don’t tell

An ideal way to deal with communication disparities, is to assign tasks to your employees using a real-time communication system, and not verbally. Because, if you think of training your employees with the most commonly used language, will cost your more of time and money. However, connecting all your employees over the cloud, will give you an ability to show them tasks that they need to perform as well as allow them to communicate with you instantly when stuck in problems.

Be a constant mentor

Your employee may have the best talent, however due to language barrier they are less confident to perform tasks, that results to delay in projects. Ensure you be a constant mentor for such employees, to make sure they understand and complete tasks as per plan.

Encourage one familiar language for communication

With the above two practices, you can manage your multi-lingual employees. However, it becomes very important that you encourage such employees to cope up with the familiar language used at the workplace. English is one familiar language used in many organizations across the globe. Therefore, organizing direct hands-on training for such employees will help you overcome language barriers in long run.

Distribute informative multi-lingual materials

For employees who are not familiar with the common language used at the workplace, print and distribute major work-related information in their own language to make it easy and quick for them to understand and perform major tasks confidently.

Wrapping up

Poor communication leads to poor performance, especially in a multi-lingual workplace. Understanding their limitations, and following the above practices  will help you gain a competitive advantage because you will devote more time and resources to conducting business and less time on communication issues.

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