In today’s competitive work environment, there is a constant struggle among employees to compete for the most powerful position or leadership role. Although to achieve power is the need for most corporate endeavors, however, doing it with right ethics and moral is crucial.


Office politics has always been around, and will never fade. This is an ugly truth for any workplace. And, not having a track on office politics can spread negativity within an organization, hamper productivity, as well as, reduce turnover.

If you are one of them, looking to offer a stress-free work environment, then this blog is for you.

Get rid of those manipulations and mind games that occur in your organization by following these five simple steps:

- Create a policy same for all

The foremost thing you need to consider for a politic-free work environment, is to have a same ground for all. This means, you’ll need to have a strict policy in case of manipulation and dirty mind games, and enforce it with each and every employee at workplace. Doing so, will threaten bad employees to keep their dirty tactics off workplace, as well as, encourages weak employees to immediately speak up for the injustice happening.

- Enforce documentation for all actions at workplace

It is easy to get hold of culprits at workplace, if everything is documented. Therefore, enforcing documentations for every action at workplace, will help your get rid of dirty politics going on behind your back. Having a collaboration system, will bring all your employee’s communication at one place. This way, you don’t allow any doors open for dirty games, because everything is recorded, safe, and secured over the cloud. Also, employee’s documentations can help you in their performance evaluations too.

- Address “office-politics” in front of all

Lastly, as mentioned in the introduction- office politics will always be around. Even with a strictest policy, there will be employees to try their dirty tricks over weak employees. To avoid such situations, an ideal way is to address office politics in front of all. This will not only embarrass culprits, but also, encourage weak employees to speak out injustice without fear.

- Keep a track on leaders

Just because you as a business owner appoint leaders at your workplace, doesn’t mean they won’t play dirty games behind your back. Because, in many organizations office-politics start at the top level management. Therefore, keeping a regular track on leaders day-to-day activities will help you know their performance and what impact will it create on the entire team’s communication. This way you can put a stop to office-politics before they start.

- Frequently announce rewards

Rewards does not only mean monetary, instead you can offer something valuable that can improve productivity at workplace. Investing in a real-time communication system, you can easily consolidate all your employees at one place. This makes it easy to track who is doing what, hence you can reward the right person while offer better guidance to those who are playing dirty tricks.

Wrapping up

Overall, the greatest advantage of keeping your workplace politics-free is attempting to develop a stronger work environment culture. The choice is all yours.


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