Several companies collect their employee’s data throughout the year in order to understand what it would take to make them stay with company, for continual growth. Guess what, a flexibility to balance work-and-life holds the second position on the list, after easy collaboration.

Cloud-based tool is surely helping many organizations to overcome collaboration challenges in the most simplest ways, however many are still struggling to provide employees an ability to balance work-life habits.

Luckily, many companies have managed to offer flex time and remote work arrangements into their culture, all in an effort to gain long-term employees, to be successful.

If you are still reluctant to allow a work-from-home policy, check out these big names who follow a strong work from home policy that will inspire you to adopt one for your organization, soon.


Apple (Computer and IT Sector)

With it’s headquarter in Cupertino, California, Apple- a computer engineering and software company operates globally, both in corporate and retail line. Apple is one of those many companies that allows flexible and inspiring job opportunities for all who are passionate about their careers, but who also requires a freedom to balance their personal life while working.

This company allows part-time and telecommuting job opportunities available in various specialization including marketing, operations, sales, and retail.

Amazon (E-commerce)

Dealing with product categories that includes books, electronics, furniture, and apparel, this company needs to ensure a rigid customer support in place.

As an employer, allows a flexible work culture offering multiple remote job opportunities along with part-time placements too.

Kaplan (Education sector)

Founded in 1937, Kaplan- a profit education brand has it’s institutes spread across 300 locations in over 30 countries. Accommodating over 31,000 employees, this company frequently comes up with flexible work options such as telecommuting.

Dedicated to provide excellent academic support, Kaplan allows it’s remote employees with flexible work arrangements that offers utmost job satisfaction.

Autodesk (Computer application)

Adobe- one of the main contributors for revolutionizing the art of 3D and 2D technology in the design process has one of the most innovative work-from-home policy that allows employees to cope up with daily work and life schedule with full focus on one at a time. Autodesk is one of those leading companies that follow a pleasant work culture.

Some of their job offers include generous paid time off, and telecommuting scheduling flexibility.

Microsoft (Public sector)

A multinational corporation, Microsoft is into several businesses that includes licensor, manufacturer, and developer. Allowing some of the most flexible job offers in the past, Microsoft has opens the doors for many freelancers that helps them manage both, work and personal tasks at ease.

In the past, telecommuting and part-time jobs were a part of their job opportunities which proves Microsoft has one of the most strong work from home policy in place.

Wrapping up

Including the above sectors, there are many other big names that frequently offer remote work opportunities including healthcare, sales, marketing and more. Allowing flexible job arrangements is most common seen for job titles such as software developers, web designers, customer support representatives, senior analysts, etc. The only challenge of adopting work from home policy, is collaboration. However, with the advent of cloud-based solution, companies can now easily consolidate remote team members and communicate with them from anywhere, anytime.

Adopting a work-from-policy, is now easy with the right cloud-based collaboration system!


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