If you have a business working on project basis, I’m sure you realize that – irrelevant to the size, when working on a one, it automatically tends to produce material such as documents, images, PDF’s and other important files. And, managing those files in a secure, organized and easy-to-access way becomes very crucial for the success of the project.

Workhive a project management app offers an easy to-use interface along with robust features that help project managers to collaborate multiple projects and manage them effectively.

In this article, we will discuss on how matchless can Workhive be for managing files.

Workhive’s file management feature

Collaborating around files when working on a single project or even multiple projects at a time, becomes really frustrating and time taking without an easy-to-use file management system. However, using Workhive you can store, manage, and share all files related to your projects in few simple clicks.

How to manage your files better with Workhive - Internal Image

Workhive’s file management tools to increase efficiency

Upload and share files

Allocating, managing and security can be a major concern when you need to share files to team members and clients. But with Workhive, you don’t need to worry about that – simply drag and drop or upload the file.  The uploaded file will then show up in the timeline with the details that include the file name, size of the file, name of the sender, date and time. From the same page you will have an option to download as well as share the file to a specific member or even multiple team members of the project, in one click. It also allows you to add a message to file that you are sharing, increasing efficiency for managing those files.

- Associate file to relevant topics

Client’s demands are never ending, as they always come up with bits and pieces of changes until the end of the project. And, if your file management system does allow tools that are flexible enough to quickly coordinate with members of the project, then it becomes impossible to meet the deadline. Implementing Workhive, you automatically get a flexibility to link files to their relevant conversations and projects, keeping members in loop about the requirements, immediately.

- Filter files

You don’t need to spend more time and effort in order to remember or prepare and excel sheet with file details and to whom you share with. As and when you upload and share files to members or even clients, Workhive will save those details and you can quickly sort and view them by file name, and even members name.

- File History

Did you ever land up in a situation when you has to struggle in order to look up for a file – searching every folder on your computer, but later assuming that it got lost, or worse, deleted? Bid goodbye to those nasty scenarios, as adopting Workhive your uploaded files are safe in the cloud and you can pull out history and  topics to any specific file for any particular time period as per the requirement.

In Closing

Regardless of where you are, upload, share, as well as edit files from any smartphone, tablets or even computer which will automatically get stored and secured in Workhive. All team members associated with the file are immediately notified so that they can get into action immediately.

Workhive does not only make it easy, but also exciting to manage files in a better and advanced way.

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