Most of project management apps available in the market do rarely auto-save user’s work. This results to unnecessary, annoying, and expensive loss of work and information. No later than realizing this could be a critical problem, the developers at Workhive added a new feature: Auto-draft.

What is the role of Auto-draft in Workhive?

As and when you create and update messages in Workhive, the changes you make will automatically get saved within 2-3 seconds after you stop typing.

You can see the notification as highlighted in the image below.

Auto-draft Messages

Auto Draft Saving


Key benefits of Workhive’s auto-draft feature

1 – Auto-save on published content

If you are editing a message in Workhive that has already been published, autosave will continue to work in the same pattern.

2 – In case of browser crashes

It may happen, you are updating an important message for your team members and are about to complete the message, but all of a sudden the browser crashes. Don’t you worry, as this feature will auto-save all the words of the message that you have typed before the crash occurred. This way you can ensure that there is no loss of data using Workhive.

3 – Connectivity issue

There may be times when you’ll face a connectivity issue while creating or editing a message, and having an app that only allows manual “Save” option will not allow you to save data because you are not connected to the internet. This is where Workhive’s auto-draft feature come in. It saves every word that you type instantly which avoids losing important data in such scenarios.

In Closing

Workhive’s auto-draft feature will automatically save your records as soon as you stop typing without the need for you to specifically click on “Save” button every now and then. Now you don’t need to worry about saving record when you are working on a project using Workhive.

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