You may have a system solution that allows you to create and manage a project, but if it does not offer a tool to add a milestone – create segments, phase and mark the completion of work – then you may have to struggle to meet deadlines.

Adding milestones to projects will allow project managers to much more determine whether or not the project is on schedule, adding significant value to project scheduling.

Workhive – a project management app that offers the most simplest tool to collaborate multiple projects with real-time communication functionality – announces a new feature update: Milestones.

Benefits of Workhive’s Milestones feature

– Easy-to-use, this tool will allow you add milestones, set goals, due dates, amount and work schedules.

– Allocate resources, and define responsibilities to ensure projects are finished in time with no risk of delays.

– Real-time communication to clearly understand what has be done by whom, when, and for how much.

How does it work in Workhive?

You can find the “Milestone” feature on the left side of the dashboard as highlighted in the image below.

How does it work in Workhive

How to  add a milestone in Workhive?

How to  add a milestone in Workhive

Once you enter Workhive’s Milestone page, you can add a milestone by entering a name (any, or one specific to the project), select the project (that will show up in the drop-down list), select assignee (member to whom you wish to assign), schedule a due date (for the completion of  work), and mention amount (if any).  On entering these details, simply click on “Add” which will then create the milestone and alert the assignees for the same. The milestone created will show up in the same screen. You will also have the option to “Edit”  & Delete the milestone you create.

Please note: The project manager/admin will only have the ability to update the milestone.

Under Milestones, you’ll have four tools that will allow real-time updates of milestones group by projects, due dates, payment, and assignee.

The project manager

- Group by project

This section will display every milestone you create with all details – that includes the milestone name, it’s dues date, amount, status, and assignee.

- Group by due date

This section will display due dates allocated for each milestone you create. The nearest dues date will show up first to avoid delay in completion.

- Group by payment

If you have added an amount to a milestone, it will show up in this section. This section will be divided into two parts, paid and unpaid.

- Group by assignee

From this section, you can easily know which member has been assigned the milestone, the project he/she is associated with, due date, and amount (if any).

Each of the sections above will allow you as a project manager/admin an option to edit/delete milestones as per requirements, as well as search by name.

Additionally, you can also view added milestones as well as update (when required) from the “Add Project” page in Workhive as shown in the image below.


Wrapping up

When you manage and schedule projects –  you need an app that is powerful, fast and easy to use. Workhive lets you collaborate and organize projects offering real-time communication and tracking tools to streamline your work which helps you complete projects in time.

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