With Workhive, grow your online community by inviting and encouraging users to contribute effectively.

Workhive for Online Communities

Workhive makes it easy for you to connect with like-minded people. With Workhive, create and manage an online community seamlessly to work together for a common goal. It might be shared interests, ideas, trends, or building brand pages for your business. With Workhive’s team communication software, you can invite unlimited users to join and grow your community.

Invite people

Depending on the goals of the community, you can invite people from your network or drive invitations by sharing your public page.

Create a public page

Create a public page in Workhive for promoting your community and raise awareness about the power and reach of community-based communication.

Hold discussions in real-time

Workhive acts as a centralized platform to engage in discussions with your community members that will help to exchange ideas and action plans.

Plan and discuss community events

As a community, you would want to organize an offline event where members can get together for any purpose.

Share announcements

By creating posts in Workhive, you can share long messages, articles, or announcements to garner immediate attention from all community members.

Create strong Google rankings

Through public page, you can increase its visibility over the web by adding some powerful keywords to it’s title, tagline, and description.