In today’s uncertain economic climate, there is more of competition, and tensions are running high. The economy may be doing wonders, but still there is a lot of stress out there in most of the workplaces.

Creating a monotonous work environment does not only hinder the productivity, but also pressurizes employees which affects their health. And, your employees are the heart and soul for your business.

If you already have team-building activity in place, well and good. But, if you don’t and are interested in holding such events in your workplace, continue reading this blog.

Such activities can be organized in a very cost-effective way, which means you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars behind it. Its a game about creating a structured activities for employees to mingle.

Here we present you with some effective team building activities that make sense for a stress-free workplace.

1 – Infuse recreational activities

The interior design of your workplace is one of the major factor that directly affects the mind of your employees. Hence, focusing  on your workplace area is the first thing you should consider for team-building activities. What can you do?

- Install LED television set

Placing an LED on the wall of specific room will not only make for a real stress-buster to employees, but also encourage group discussions about a certain topic that is telecasted on air. Ensure you entertain programs related to current affairs, environment, and other educational ones that will bring in an engagement level amongst employees at your workplace. Utilize lunch hours for entertaining such team-building activity.

- Have a dedicated cafeteria

Allowing employees to have lunch at their own respective desk will create a non-hygienic environment as well as you force them to stick to their own comfort zone. Instead, having a dedicated cafeteria will encourage employees to gather at one place to take their lunch. This automatically develops a casual team-building effort where your employees can interact with each other, creating a stress-free environment.

- Dedicate a rest room

Allowing your employees a dedicated room to relax will rejuvenate their minds which will automatically help them perform good at work. You can include couches, magazine stand, dart-board, and other fun activities in the rest room.

- Have a book club

Reading seems to be a favorite stress relief source to many people. Installing a book shelf at a specific area at work will encourage employees across the workplace to read and discuss a particular book turn-by-turn. This will bring a chance for employees to mingle as well as eliminate the fear of speaking in public.

- Invest in a whiteboard

Allowing employees to portray their thoughts in front of everyone will spread a unique fun and excitement in your workplace. The best way, is to infuse a whiteboard and place it somewhere which can be noticed by every employees at the work. Entrance area will be an ideal choice to place the whiteboard.

2 – Arrange frequent group discussions

Dedicate a day or two in a month, when you can organize a session from experts of different industry to undertake group discussions. By doing this you offer your employees to indulge with topic irrelevant to their work. This will also enhance knowledge of weak employees by encouraging them to participate in group discussions. Create small group of employees of up to ten people to enthusiastically discuss and respond to topic related questions.

3 – Allow employees to gain knowledge about other employee’s work

Encourage job shadowing opportunities at your workplace. By doing this, you allow them an opportunity to explore “How other professionals work, ” which automatically creates an enthusiasm allowing them a chance to develop an alternate career.

4 – Encourage fitness sessions

The more you bring your employees together and encourage wellness program, the less absenteeism you’ll have at your workplace. Are you doing it for your employees? If not, it’s time to encourage fitness program for your employees. By doing this, you can reduce stress level amongst employee up to a great extent. You can do it by entertaining exercise sessions (not for long, maybe 15 minutes of the day at work), bring in a doctor to educate them more about wellness, and many other ways.

5 – Bring out employee’s talent

Your employees may have the best skills fit for your workplace, but encouraging them to show-off their hobbies will not only reduce stress but also you give them the platform to gain confidence to come out with their hidden talent in front of others at the workplace. Dedicate a day for such activity which will automatically create a stress-free work environment.

6 – Organize an incentive program 

If you like someone’s work, why not appreciate it by organizing an incentive program. Such activity is a must for every organization because this will not only benefit the employee who is receiving the incentive, but also other employees. In this activity you can involve motivational speech from the winner that motivates other employees to lively contribute more, and in the end results more productivity.

Wrapping up

Team building activities at workplace widen your’s as well as your employee’s imagination. By following the above tips will automatically create a sense of work and friendship at your workplace. Cost-effective, but highly effectual team building activities will help you create a stress-free workplace as well as an employer of choice.

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