The month of December welcomes the bevy of holidays, this means you as a business owner will experience a decreased productivity. It could be due to many reasons that includes shopping, planning for parties, or any other festive activity when the holiday season is on.

It’s seen, for many business owners it becomes difficult to cope up with employees during holiday season, while some happily look forward to the holiday season, easily managing to make sales, however for others it’s a real-nightmare as they’ll have to extend working hours in order to productivity all-time high.

If you are one of them who struggle enough to make up for the productivity, you be looking for strategies and methods that work well for you. To make it easy, below are few effective tips that will help you stay productive during holidays.

Tips to Stay Productive

Plan well in advance

You may be focused on your business during holidays, just because you own it. However, employees are going to experience holiday dips and if you have not planned a work-schedule for them, you’ll may receive low performance which is really bad for the bottom line of your business as well as it’s brand value. Ensure you create a to-do-list and prioritize tasks.

Communicate holiday schedule and goals

Knowing holidays are round the corner, it becomes important that you prepare and present work schedule for your staff well-in advance. Assign small goals with delaines to employees which will keep your employees informed about their contribution so that they can plan their holiday activities accordingly.

Avoid multi-tasking

During holidays everyone are in a festive mood, hence you or your employees may get tempted to do their personal tasks that can include shopping online. Hence, it’s your duty to make office hours flexible which will automatically keep you and your employees focused during work hours.

Avoid working after hours

Inviting situations that forces you or your employees to work after hours will create a unpleasant feeling. This creates a bad impact on productivity. Ensure you schedule and goals are planned well and communicated to all employees well-in advance to avoid such ugly scenarios.

 Be in a holiday mood

Holidays is season that automatically brings in joy and positive feeling within us. Don’t make your office environment look the same as it does throughout the year. Take initiative and decorate the office that automatically keep employees happy as well as focused at work.

Avoid distraction while at work

You don’t want to be harsh on your employees but at the same time you need to ensure that they don’t mix pleasure with work (that means shopping at lunch hours or buying stuff online). Ensure you plan a flexible office hour that allow you and your employees to focus while at work as well as have much time in spare after work for shopping or conducting any other festive activity.

Don’t get over excited

Make sure you prioritize and balance your festive activities with your work. Don’t jump into every party that comes in as this could hinder productivity next day at work, instead focusing on a good work-life balance will give you better results during holidays.

Stay focused

Ensure you stay focused and encourage your employees to do the same while at work. Simultaneously, encourage employees to forget about work and have fun while out of the office. Follow this during the entire holiday season.

Adopt real-time project tracker

Referring excel sheets or to-do-list for tracking employee as well as project performance is time-taking and can create a big mess if any data missing. The smart way is to adopt a project management app in place that allow business owners to collaborate, communicate as well as track project status, all in real-time. This makes its easy to boost productivity drastically.

Be in a festive mood

Last, but not the least – it’s a joyful time of the year so encouraging a casual work environment at work will keep you and your employees be in a happy mood and work in a good mood everyday when they enter the office premises.

Following the above tips you don’t need to worry about reduced productivity as balancing work and personal life will bring in better results.

Happy holidays :)

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