Workhive is a simple collaboration and communication software which helps you to manage work with teams inside & outside the organization.

Collaborate to manage any work in groups

Get rid of lengthy emails

Communicating through email is time-consuming and can let you miss out on vital details. Adopt Workhive to reach out to all your team members within no time, and avoid the hassles of cc’ing and bcc’ing.

Get together with your team

Workhive is the perfect virtual workspace to hold team conversations and tracking daily progress. With all information in one place, save time on unnecessary team meetings.

Features to make your work fun

Workive will add a dash of fun to your working environment. Built-in emojis and other simple features will make your team discussions fun, expressive and less complicated.

Workhive makes it very easy to get a discussion going

With Workhive, invite team members, partners, clients or anyone else to communicate in real-time. Instantly start a discussion thread by creating messages or uploading files. Mention team members by their @name to notify them about your message. Add topics to categorize your work more efficiently. Topics will get converted into #hashtags making to easier to find relevant information. You can insert topics into messages to keep your team members better informed about important discussions.

You also have the ability to edit and delete old messages. View and manage recent messages, file uploads, team members, topics, all from a single screen. We have designed the user interface to keep the workflow clear, straightforward, and as elegant as possible. Workhive also gives you the ability to Create a post, which is an more organized way of describing and sharing information with your team members. It can be an announcement, a file, or any other piece of content which needs your team’s attention.


Real-time notifications on your desktop and mobile

Push Notifications

You’ll get real-time notifications via desktop, email, and mobile push notifications when someone comments or uploads a file. Workhive allows you to engage with your team at optimal time.

Access anywhere, anytime

Our Native apps allow you to get access to Workhive anytime, and anywhere. You don’t need to worry about updates being missed, you’re notified about everything in real-time.


Keep your clients happy

With Workhive, your clients and other external team members will stay updated with all the recent happenings, and will get real-time visibility on how work is evolving.

Reply instantly

With Workhive apps, instantly respond to messages and work with files even when you’re on the go. Team communication was never so easy before!

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All your important files and conversations in one place

Workhive acts as a centralized interface for all your files and conversations. Easily upload files by attaching them from your computer or simply drag and drop onto the “Upload file” pop-up screen. Share files through direct messages to keep them confidential between specific team members. It’s time that you stop drowning yourself in emails and shared drives to manage files.

Whenever you upload a file from any device, it will get synced and becomes accessible automatically across all other devices. All your files and endless conversations are safely stored inside the app in Workhive’s secure cloud. Workhive is an ideal team communication app to manage conversations and files across multiple teams.

You'll love these handy elements

Search boxes

Easily look back at messages, topics, and files with our search feature. Skim through old files and conversations at any time with Workhive.

Email Notifications

Workhive sends you instant email notifications when you’re invited to a private chat or a team, so you can take quick actions.

One hub for all

With all your work in a centralized system you can have a quick access to them and make decisions to ensure that they are completed on time.

Create posts

It’s time to cut back on lengthy emails. Create posts in Workhive to organize and present the content in a better way to your team.

Add unlimited contacts

Workhive allows you to add as many team members as you want, for free, to connect with. Also, see who’s online and start private discussions within no time.

View & share files easily

View and share all your files from a single screen. You’ll have the ability to send files to your contacts via chat sessions.

One-on-one chat

Workhive makes it easy for you to chat privately with one or more team members. Avoid the clutter of juggling between different chat applications.

See who’s typing

When any team member is writing a direct message to you, you’ll see a pencil animation near the contact name and below the text box.

Highly secure data

We transfer and back-up all your data using 256-bit SSL encryption. We periodically run security vulnerabilities scans and tests.