Workhive, an easiest project management app is not just about managing projects but it’s facile interface will make your work even more enjoyable. Allowing users to collaborate projects in one click and communicate with remote teams on-the-go,  Workhive is all set to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

In this blog, let me walk you through Worhive’s interface to understand it better.

Workhive’s Dashboard


The Dashboard is designed in a way to give clear insights of all important business happening at a glance. From this page you get an easy access of your team member’s updates for the projects they are working on, recent messages, uploads, and topics, all in real-time. This page also gives you a search tab that makes it quick to lookup for communication that you are mentioned in, as well as search specific information by selecting dates.

On the left side of your dashboard page, you can easily view your:

- Recent messages

By clicking on this space, you can get a view of all recent communication and updates from team members. This way you can track project progress to ensure deadlines are met easily.

- Recent uploads

This space will give you insights about all the uploads (that includes the files, images, etc.) defining the files name and size, for which project are those documents related to, by whom was it uploaded, and at what time. This makes it easy to access and share those important documents on-the-go to boost productivity.

- Recent topics

From here, you can immediately access to any of your trending, most discussed, as well as the recently discussed topics. This makes it easy to track staff member’s performance and track project discussions as per your business needs.

Workhive’s Project Page


The left side of the this page will reflect all your projects as and when you collaborate them with Workhive. Click on any of those to get a complete view about the project status or project history. From the same side you’ll have an option to “add project,” as well as gives you a “search” option that makes it easy to track a specific project at once. Below your project list, you’ll have an “add topic” option which makes it quick to add a topic and start discussion immediately.

Moving towards the upper right side of this page you’ll can enjoy the following features:

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1- Messages

This section will allow you to send messages by adding “#” before the word & use “@” to notify/mention your team member or client. This will immediately notify the concerned person to ensure your messages are conveyed on time. As and when you send messages, they’ll reflect on the same page in ascending order.


2 – Files

From here, you can simply drag and drop files or upload them from your computer in one click. Once uploaded they’ll reflect below defining the file name, size, and uploader’s name. Also, once file uploaded it allows an action column from where you can easy download/share the file you have uploaded. Your team members will also have an access to the file and can perform the action to expedite the process.



3 – Team

Easily invite new experts in your team by sending an invitation using this section. Once experts added, it will save their profile who can later be directly added to other projects as per your business requirements. There will eliminate the need of sending and invitation repeatedly for every project that comes in. This section will also allow to add clients to keep them in loop while the project is on. Everyone you invite will receive a welcome email.



4 – Milestone

This space will allow you create milestones for each team member ensuring that the work is distributed and processed to meet deadlines easily. Once milestones created you can track performance and boost productivity.

5 – Topic

From here, you can easily add topics in one simple click. Once topic created will show up below in the same screen. By clicking on any of those created topics you’ll get the entire history for that particular topic.  Also, it give you a quick access to the recently discussed, most discussed, as well trending topics.



6 – User profile settings

From here, you can view project details that includes the title, date of creation, description , the deadline and status of the project. These details will be asked for and recorded as and when you collaborate projects in Workhive. It also allows you an ability to leave the project.

Workhive’s milestone page


Easily add milestones from this page. Simply give a name to the milestone, select the project for which it is being created, add the team member to whom you need to assign, with a due date and amount. On the left side of the page, you view milestones either by grouping them projectwise, due-date wise, payment wise, or assignee wise. This makes it easy to track performance and boost performance like never before.

Once created they’ll reflect below in the same screen as shown in the image below.


Worhive’s time saving advantages:

1 –  Search option  

Workhive will make it easy to look up for any project related information, instantly. This is because, the developers at Workhive have provided a search option on most of the pages, hence it makes it easy to customize your search and grab information on-the-go for increased productivity. No more switching multiple sheets or email accounts to find project related information when you are using Workhive.


2 – History saver

Whether you collaborate projects, add topics, milestones, messages or even upload files, all will be recorded and saved in Workhive. This becomes an added advantage to boost productivity.

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