What do you understand by brainstorming?

Brainstorming is an activity that involves group of members to come up with individual ideas, gathering a list of opinions in an effort to find conclusions for a specific problem. The term “brainstorming” concept was made popular by Alex Faickney Osborn in one of his book named “Applied Imagination,” back in 1953. Osborn believed brainstorming to be an effective way for generating ideas than individuals working alone. Since then, brainstorming method is being practiced at most of the workplaces.

Brainstorming Concept

A Concept of past

Earlier group discussions at workplaces, team members used to gather in a room and were asked to freely come up with ideas in order to bring a solution, when working on the same project, together. Sharing ideas in a group, was not a concern, however loud-mouth mediocre idea seemed to dominate. Hence, this concept has been a thing of the past which became popular-known as brainstorming at workplaces.

For years, this method has been practiced, but no one has questioned the credibility of the concept. Before the advent of technology, brainstorming was considered to an ideal solution to generate a list of ideas that were stronger as a group, and not individuals. In those days, project managers assumed that collecting ideas in a group, and individually, can achieve more success,  However, they were wrong.

Brainstorming is not an effective idea when you need to generate highly effective ideas. Because, in most cases the loud members end up dominating others – wherein some have their own ideas, but are brainstormed, while others are shy to speak. This results to a disproportionate influence over the rest of the conversation.

Solving the group problem

Today, no doubt, the way of working has changed. Technology has made it easy and cost-effective to work with skilled employees from across the world. However, the concept of brainstorming is the same, the only difference, discussions are organized over the web through videos.

Modern way of Brainstorming works best, when team members are asked to note down their ideas before starting the discussion. This way most of them will come up with unique ideas which can be shouted loud and everyone settles for the best. The write first and discuss later concept of brainstorming, will eliminate authority tone and allow people think in a vacuum. Off-course, there are workplaces who follow this concept of brainstorming, however the main goal is to get ideas in quantity, and not quality.

In Closing

Brainstorming is not at all a wrong concept, as it is a method to generate good, and creative ideas which  later can be built into a better idea. This method may be a concept of past workplace, but that does not mean it is less effective. It has it’s uses, and in the right way, can prove to be a reasonably effective approach for generating creative ideas, which becomes a key problem solver that ensures, goals are met in time.

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