Before the advent of cloud-based technology, email was the most common method for communication within an organization. However, today, many business owners are taking an advantage of technology to increase productivity and revenue for their organization.

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Lately, collaboration tools are seen to be replacing emails to deal with several major scenarios that are commonly performed within an organization to handle it better. Let me tell you, how?

1- It allows you to quickly connect with right skill

Working in a team often requires members to quickly connect with right skill-set and obtain solutions on-the-go. In the typical approach of using email, that particular member will have to email other members to know if someone could help. These members then email other colleagues in their network ,creating a chain of emails. Not only does this approach take time, but can be annoying for members who will have no idea about what’s going on.

Using a collaboration tool, you can offer a single access to all your members in the cloud. Such tools will allow each member to highlight a rich profile, that includes their areas of interest and skill-set. This will make it easy for you or any other member to instantly reach the correct person, saving time as they won’t have to rely on anyone. Also, these tools allow to search via keyword, location, tags, etc.

2- Sharing files/documents

Distribution of files, is one of the most common activity seen within an organization. Using email for sharing those files, means you’ll have to distribute each member, individually. Each member will then make revision to that commonly shared file and then forward it with the concerned person without keeping others in loop. The chain of emails goes on, making it difficult for your team member to track the final version that is needed to proceed further with the tasks.

Instead of email, a collaboration tool will allow you and your members to upload files under one roof, creating a neat chain of conversions. Any revision made to the file can be seen by all members within the same system, eliminating the risk of miscommunication and even loss of files.

3- Forwarding a conversation or adding someone to the discussions

Collaboration tool allows you to easily invite and “mention” people in the conversations or discussions to have them join and participate. This will make it easy for the newly added member to gain clear insights about the ongoing discussions as well as search conversations and access them from anywhere, anytime.

In Closing

The above three scenarios shows how email is not the best solution for modern workplaces, even though it is still utilized. So spread the word, email is not the only method for communicating and collaborating with members in an organization anymore.

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