Why do I need a mentoring program? Aren’t managers doing the same job ?

Overlooked by many organizations, mentoring program is substantially different from a manger. While managers demonstrate mentoring behavior as per employee’s performance, a mentor will focus in developing relationship with employees, professionally as well as personally and not conduct performance reviews.

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Therefore, having a structured mentoring program will create a safe work-environment and you don’t have to worry about the productivity at workplace.

What are the perks?

Manager in your organization maybe fetching good productivity for your business, however implementing a mentoring program will increase employees engagement, that will automatically encourage them to always perform good , as well as make them your loyal employees who will help you grow your business.


Mentoring program key benefits for your employees

Better business insights

A mentor will offer their expertise to employees, developing a major focus on what is needed to grow them professionally within the organization.

Valuable feedback

Unlike any managers, mentor will constantly keep a track on employees, frequently offering feedback in crucial work areas, such as communications, co-ordination, technical abilities, change management and leadership skills.

Growth and development

Having a mentoring culture, mentors main focus is to continuously promotes individual employee growth and development.


Mentoring program key benefits for you organization

Happy employees

Having an ability to learn specific skills and knowledge from a mentor, employees will find it encouraging to efficiently work and grow with your organization.

Reduced turnover cost

Enhancing skills of your own employees, will eliminate the need of hiring an outside consultants, as mentor will encourage internal experts for professional development.

Excellent productivity

Mentoring will offer an effective approach to organize, create, capture, and distribute knowledge, resulting to an excellent productivity for your organization.


How  can I start a mentoring program for my organization?

Call for a mentors session

You can involve the most experienced employees from your organization in your mentors session in order to expect better handling responsibilities and let them know what they can expect from their experience.

Let mentors know what they need to do

Organize training sessions to let your mentors know what all will be involved in terms of time commitment, goals, expectations, and other elements of the mentoring program.

Monitor your mentors

It becomes crucial you monitor your mentors performance to ensure they are the right one chosen. Adopting a cloud-based collaboration system will help bring all your mentors and employees in one place, allowing you a real-time visibility of their activities from anywhere, anytime.

Wrapping up

In today’s modern work-environment, it wise to engage employees both intellectually and emotionally. Mentoring program will help you enhance employee engagement and retention, ensuring your employees feel encouraged to complete their daily tasks according to organization’s goal.

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