Marketing agencies are the backbone of an organization, guardian of a brand, and promotional service into the world.

Today, most of the businesses offering products and services to customers usually hire marketing agencies for their promotional activities. And, agencies that are not updated with the latest technologies are spending more time, cost, and effort in performing their day-to-day marketing tasks.

Marketing Agency

The one of, cloud -based collaboration tool is offering marketing agencies with tools to operate their daily marketing tasks in the most simplest way and allows them to communicate, not only with company members internally, but also with other experts, people, and resources externally, from the place they are.

More than half (55%) of advertising and marketing executives say they are collaborating more closely with the technology leaders in their company compared with three years ago, according to a report from “The Creative Group.”

How can collaboration tool help marketing agencies?

Apart from allowing the most secure collaboration anywhere, anytime, such tools will allow marketers:

Manage events, campaigns and people, all from one place

Whether you are managing an event, campaign, or even multiple people, a collaboration tool will allow you to break down bigger tasks in silos, especially when working on large projects. Such tools make it easy to gain insights of who is doing what, that can include tasks, updates, communication, timelines, and accountability.

Easy retrieval of files

Marketing agencies require collaboration and teamwork, and such tools will help you secure all your important files, documents, videos, and discussion in one place. Therefore, it becomes easy to retrieve and share multiple version of files with your internal team members, as well as people and clients externally.

Consolidated process

Looking for files through emails is messy, restrictive, and risky. A collaboration tool will allow a seamless, quick, and accurate review process. Storing and securing daily marketing activities, you’ll have all important files and information at your fingertips. This way you can save time on back-and-forth tasks by viewing a real-time activity feed in your network.

Transparency across the team

It’s quite common for marketing agencies to work with organizations and in-house marketing team. A collaboration tool will help you break down silos across teams, which means you can assign tasks, create alerts as well as deadlines, so that team members are notified when to start and finish the work. Offering a complete transparency into everyone’s work, you’ll eliminate miscommunication and misunderstandings across the team.

Wrapping up

To end with, these tools are getting even better day-by-day. Many are using Workhive, that allow  a seamless collaboration, communication and highly secured document storage. Easy to start with, Workhive allows a free account, because it believes team communication should be easy without spending a lot of money.

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