What does team onboarding mean for an organization?

Whether you work with a remote team or with employees indoor,  it becomes very important to ensure that new hires feel welcomed and excited, in an effort to encourage them to contribute to the success of your business.

But, how will you do that?  Onboarding, also know as “organizational socialization” promises of a growing trend in human resources.

Team Onboarding Program

Why do you need to adopt team onboarding program for your organization?

Oboarding is a comprehensive approach to bringing on new employees, that goes beyond simple orientation. This program is carried out to make employees familiar to the policies, processes, culture, goals, as well as their daily responsibilities, all in an effort to enhance team productivity and achieve the perception of success, quickly. Ultimately, the reason for carrying out successful onboarding exercises,  is to reduce turnover and encourage employees to cling with an organization for a longer tenure.

In the United States, for example, up to 25% of workers are organizational newcomers engaged in an onboarding process, as per Wikipedia.

So, how can you ensure successful onboarding program for your new hires?

The foremost thing, you need to plan well before investing time and money on your new hires, so that they can yield big wins for your organization. Onboarding is one such program that is adopted at modern workplaces.

Create a goal, ask executives, experts working in the same organization, what major outcomes they expect from new hires? And, how can a good onboarding program encourage them to perform well. Knowing this, you can design an effective onboarding program creating a good impact on the bottom line results of your organization.

Three essential element that will determine the impact of your onboarding program?

Access to files and resources

Ensure – workstation, office supplies, data, forms and paperwork, computer passwords, phone numbers, and access keys – are prepared and can be accessed by new hires the very first day. Allowing them a well-organized and orchestrated environment the very first day at work, will encourage them to easily get a hold of your organization’s goals.


Most of the organizations would expect their new hires to quickly adapt their job roles and responsibilities to start performing at the earliest. However, with no proper guidance and information, new hires will take time to perform their tasks. Allowing them an ability to easily collaborate with other experts will build a sense of camaraderie from their first day. This way new hires will quickly understand their job roles and start performing, immediately.


Allowing new hires an ability to connect with experts, will be of a great help during those initial months. Having a real-time chat system in place, new hires can easily engage with any member of the team for getting in-depth information about their job, the team, the culture and company, as well. Employees who have a strong connection with their colleagues build good relationships and are more likely to grasp things fast and start performing in the early days.

In Closing

Successful team onboarding program will help you reap more productive environment, satisfied employee, and low turnover rate. This will automatically result a good impact to the bottom line results, and can help you shape the future of your organization for years to come.

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