App Name : Workhive – Project Management

Workhive, a project management app will allow users the most easiest way to collaborate projects and communicate with teams members and clients in real-time from their own convenience.

Whether you are working on a single project with few employees or a large project with multiple employees from various locations, this app will ensure team communication to be much more organized. Bid goodbye to those confusing email threads, no matter how scattered your organization habits are, you can easily communicate with your team and clients, anytime. Also, being a cloud-based solution, this app will give you an ability to get your local and global workplace available everywhere.

Workhive is now present in Google’s app store

Play store website url :

workhive Android App Live 1

Allowing you to collaborate projects and manage employees in real-time, Workhive will make it easy for you to organize communication, which is very important, especially when working with remote teams.

Upload as well as share files from your Google Drive account in Workhive to boost productivity on-the-go, using this app.

Instantly sync documents and easily look-up for them on-the-go.

Workhive offers an instant coordination tool that will help you and your employees be in loop, all time.

Proves to a quick problem solver saving you loads of time to ensuring deadlines are met easily.

With a real-time communication tool, you’ll know what has been done, and what is left. To have such insights becomes very important to ensure things are going as per planned, and in case of obstacles, this can be an instant solver by allowing employees to provide solutions, on-the-go.

What you need to know more?

Offering an effortless interface, this app is gaining popularity amongst freelancers as well as to managers in large enterprises managing thousands of people. It’s rich set of features include collaborating, tracking, sharing and securing files helping your business to grow easily and efficiently. Workhive app can be easily downloaded for a free plan that allows you the ability to collaborate and manage one project within 1GB of space. Some of their new integration include Google Docs, while Dropbox Box and many more are coming up.

This app is ready-to-install for 4.0 and up Andriod versions, however you can also expect IOS app  (iPhone, iPad app download) in the near future.

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