Whether you have a large organization with hundreds of employees, or you work from home having three to five employees working for you remotely – communication is the key to accomplish goals in time. Being able to effectively co-ordinate with all employees of the team is a need that all business owners and project managers should strive to possess in this new year 2015.


Workhive – an easiest cloud-based collaboration system allow business owners an ability to work on multiple projects with multiple employees from across the globe, from one single system. Easy collaboration and effective communication offered by Workhive can greatly improve the business as well as it’s bottom line. In addition, employees can be more productive when the line of communication within the organization are open and clear.

Below are Workhive’s best practices that will help improve communication and increase productivity.


Communicating with members of the team using tags will streamline team communication, ensuring employees are always contacted with specific information only. Workhive allow project managers to communicate with employees and clients using tags which not makes it quick to relate information to members of the staff, but also will helps them to look up for associated information on-the-fly.

Messages and Topics

IM’s (Instant Messaging) has always been the most common source for communicating with members of the staff, however it has never proved to be reliable, as an instant solution. Workhive’s message and topic feature allow project manager, staff and clients to easily coordinate with other members in real-time. Simply tag the member you want to communicate with and they’ll immediately receive a notification resulting to a response, on-the-go.


Creating milestones will enable your team to completely focus on only those tasks they are allocated. This way it avoids confusion and duplicating work on the same task. Workhive’s Milestone feature allows you to farm out individual responsibilities which makes it easy communicate internally and keep your employees motivated until the end of the milestone.

History in real-time

Working on a tasks, your employees may need assistance or information to proceed further. And, adopting a cloud-based project management solution, communication happens in real-time. This means everything is recorded and information are same for all. Workhive enables your team to look-up any project related-information on-the-fly, making it easy and quick to communicate with accurate information whenever required.

In Closing

Team collaboration in a workplace has always been a challenge! No matter whether your team members are separated by an ocean or just a cubical wall, Workhive – allows organizations to make team collaboration easy and productive. Based on the latest technology, Workhive project management app will be an ideal choice to improve team communication in 2015.

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