Back in the days when there was no “Internet” – it was time-taking, complicated, error-prone and costly to manage multiple projects at a time, assign tasks to members across different locations, as well as meet the deadlines. Later with the advent of “Internet”, project management software were available in the market that ran on big mainframe computers (desktops) and was used for large projects only. These softwares were priced high, had limited capabilities, and by today’s standards were difficult to use.

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Today, it’s the other way around. With the advent of cloud-based software solution – project managers can create, view, access, and accomplish multiple projects at the tip of the finger. You don’t need to worry about the deadlines, as implementing cloud-based project management solution will help you get more in less time.

Workhive -Simplest Project Management app is now live!

Creating a benchmark in making mobile apps, the developers at Openxcell are constantly working on ways to provide end-to-end solutions in the world of Information Technology, e- commerce, gaming and now project management too. Workhive, an easiest project management app is a product of Openxcell designed in order to help employees, freelancers, contractors and project managers (working from different locations or even different time zones) manage multiple projects as well as keep a track on tasks of what they need to get done. Offering an easy-to-use dashboard, Workhive will allow users real-time visibility of multiple projects from a single screen to increase productivity.

Key features

1 – Projects

– Their intuitive dashboard and tools will allow you to easily create and manage multiple projects from one screen.

– With all your projects in a centralized system you can have a quick access to them and make decisions to ensure that they are completed before the deadline.

– No more hassle of making calls or switching over multiple spreadsheets. With all your projects in cloud you can spot progress status in real-time.

– Bid-goodbye to working long hours worrying about the deadline! Allowing proper insights to you and your members, you can easily manage and accomplish the project well in advance.

2 – Topics

– You can easily create topics for multiple team members which automatically notifies them, undertaking projects in a faster and better way!

– Their easy-to-use tools will allow you to add completion time for each topic, allowing you to plan and execute projects accurately. Also, you can attach important files to the topic to increase efficiency.

– Easily execute projects on time using tools that will allow you to quickly assign topics and track progress to boost performance.

3 – Messages

– Interact with any of your team member on-the-go. Transfer important files and messages, making conversations accurate and quick.

– With all your projects in the cloud, you can assign messages for any of your team member from the place you are. This way you avoid the risk of delay in project completion.

– Share screen with multiple team members to offer proper insights of the project progress and communications, eliminating scenarios like miscommunications that delays the project completion.

– Their message tools will offer you exciting functionalities that will allow you have some fun while you work. Add motivational messages, attach inspirational images to make project even more engaging.

4 – Users

– Invite, notify or assign task to members in a more exciting way that will create an enthusiasm to execute task and meet deadlines easily.

– With an access to all your projects from one centralized system, you can easily get proper insights on who is doing what to avoid mismanagement!

5 – Reports

– Their dashboard will allow a quick overview of all your projects, at a glance. You can easily look-up for your recent activity or any other information with our clever and informative tools.

6 – Insights

– This page offers clear insights of all your activity – that includes the comment you made, assigned task, and other project related information. Filter by date or keep a track on all your activities, for better performance.

– Having a clear idea about all your projects, you can track and analyze them to make decisions quickly and even more better.

– Your project detail and information are safe and secure with Workhive! Any changes made by the admin will notify the assigned team member, making communication even more strong!

1 – Landing page

This page will give you a real-time visibility of all your:

Recent messages

This section will give you a complete view of all your messages that have been created lately. This will include the members name, message, and the time.

Recent uploads

Workhive will allow users a tool to upload files in one-click. Hence, all your recent uploads will reflect in this section. This will include the file size, the project that file is related, and the name of the member who has uploaded it.

Recently discussed topics

Once a topic is created and discussion takes place, this section will reflect the ones that has the most recent conversation. This will include the name, project and comments on the topic.

2- Project Page

This will be most important page for users as it will allow them to create projects, view and search projects – all from a single screen.  You can:

Simply add a the title, description, deadline, members and click on “Add Project” – your project will be created. For members who being are added for the first time will get a message in their email whether they would like to approve or decline it. Also, through the status option shown in the image will give you an ability to change the status to active, paused, and completed.


Easily convey messages by typing into the message box that will show up in real-time which can be viewed by other team members on-the-go.


You can create your topic by adding “#” before & after the phrase & use “@” to notify/mention your team member or client.

Attached Files

Workhive allows a drag-and-drop tool to attach files as well as you can upload them.

Project Settings

This is different for the admin and the members of the project. The members will have an ability to view/invite members, view project details, and leave the project. However, the admin will have an ability to view/invite members, edit projects, view project details, and delete the project.

3 – Profile Page

This page will include the following functionalities:

My Profile

This section will show the messages, topics that you have created and the ones that you are mentioned in.

Account Settings

This section will show your profile information and photograph that can be changed and edited anytime, but ensure you click on “Save” once done.

Change Password

This section will give an ability to change the password for your profile access. Simple mention your current password, create a new password, confirm it by re-entering your new password, and click on “Save”

4 – Help Page

Workhive is created to ensure that users don’t need a manual or instructions for using it. However, still if you have a concern drop a message in the box and click on “Send to Workhive team.”

5 – Logout

This icon is displayed on the right-side at the bottom of the page.

Easy to get started

You can easily sign-up to Workhive using your Facebook or LinkedIn account. By doing this you have indicated that you have read the terms and services and start managing projects in minutes.

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